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Naughty Goat Farm is committed to providing a healthy alternative to the mass produced food, soaps and lip balms currently available on the shelves of Australian stores.

Specialising in quality products made with love and care with our own hands. We use home grown or locally sourced produce wherever possible and traditional recipes.

Our property is managed using permaculture principals so we avoid using chemicals and sprays around the farm and follow an ethical, organic approach to animal and plant care.

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Say NO to Palm Oil - Unless From Sustainable Sources

World Wildlife Fund - Palm Oil Information 

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) 

Palm oil production is often at the expense of rain forests which is habitat for many endangered animals. Follow the links above and find out all about palm oil. If a product uses palm oil then make sure it is certified as coming from sustainable plantations.

Its Kidding Time!

As you might already know - we use goats milk to produce many of our products. Goats milk makes fantastic cheese and luxurious soaps. Cleopatra had the right idea when she bathed in milk - it is very good for your skin.

We could always buy in milk like many cosmetic companies and soap makers do. Many even used dried milk powder. But at Naughty Goat Farm we prefer to be involved in the process from start to finish - and that means having our own herd of goats.

The best part about managing a herd of goats is kidding time. Goats are very intelligent creatures - and the inquisitive youngsters bring a huge smile to the face as they romp and play.

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Very Happy Customer

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