Animals Animals Red with her new twins. This is Red. She is a Toggenburg cross and is pictured here with her new twins - a boy and a girl. The girl is called Sparky and the boy is Hank. They were fathered by a Saanen buck so Sparky will have improved milk yield when she eventually starts milking. 94423991 Gwen with her twin boys. Gwen is a pure Anglo Nubien doe and is very proud of her twin boys. Anglo Nubiens have reduced milk yield when compared to Saanen and Toggenburgs - but the quality of the milk is excellent and makes the best cheese. Gwens favorite treat is a slice of wholegrain bread. 94423992 Charles the rooster. Charles is a great rooster. Some roosters can be agressive - but not Charles. He is a gentleman. Very placid and really looks after his girls. He also looks stunning dont you think? He fathered all the new chickens that hatched out a few months ago and that have just started laying. What a clever boy. 94423993 Sweetie with her new girl. Sweetie just gave birth to a beautiful little girl - Lollipop. Here she is having her first drink. 95937728 Sweetie with her new girl. Sweetie with her new little girl Lollipop. Standing for the first time. 95937729